Products and Services Offered by Ambank

Products and Services Offered by AmbankIn this article we’ll give a quick introduction to the banking products and services, provided by the Ambank to its customers in Malaysia.

The complete structure of services is listed below:

Retail Banking

• Auto Financing
• Personal Financing
• Wealth Management (BancAssurance and Unit Trust)
• Deposits (Savings Accounts, Demand Deposits & Fixed Term Deposits)
• Mortgages & Other Consumer Loans
• Asset Financing & Small Business
• Retail Distribution (Branch distribution network, AmSignature Priority Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Banking Centres, Contact Centre)
• Credit Cards & Line of Credit
• Share Margin Financing

Business Banking

• Commercial Banking
• Deposits
• SME Financing
• Factoring

Transaction Banking

• Cash Management Services (Payables, Receivables, Liquidity Management)
• e-Commerce Solutions
• Trade Services (Domestic Sales & Purchase Financing, Import/Export Financing, Structured Trade, Supply Chain Solutions, Trade Advisory)
• Gross Payroll Solution & Statutory Submissions

Life Assurance

• Life Insurance
• Employee Benefit Schemes
• Wealth Protection/Savings
• Health & Medical Protection

General Insurance

• Personal Lifestyle Coverage
• Automotive & Motoring Protection
• SME & Corporate Solutions
• Specialty Niche Products
• Dealership & Motor Trades Cover
• Worksite/Employee Protection Schemes

Family Takaful

• Investment-Linked Takaful Plan
• Reducing Term Takaful Plan

Corporate and Institutional Banking

• Corporate and Institutional Deposit
• REITs Management
• Offshore Banking
• Corporate and Institutional Lending
• Private Equity
• Trustee Services

Investment Banking

• Corporate Finance
• Stock Broking
• Futures
• Equity Capital Markets
• Equity Derivatives
• Funds Management
• Debt Capital Markets
• Private Banking
• Research


• Foreign Exchange & Derivatives Sales
• Structured Solutions
• Research – Foreign Exchange & Fixed Income
• Quantitative Research & Strategy
• Foreign Exchange & Derivatives Trading
• Fixed Income (Trading, Sales Distribution and & Syndication)
• Collateral Management
• Strategic Business and Product Management

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